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Heart Points on Too Many RPGs!

We were featured on the podcast Too Many RPGs where co-hosts Lauren and Ethan talk about other rpg podcasts. Lauren is a big Heart Points fan and talks about her favorite parts of the show. Check it out here!



Happy Anniversary!

We’re celebrating 1 year of Heart Points with a special episode! We also want to thank all of you for your support and for listening. Whether you’re a new listener or have been with us since last year, you mean the world to us and we couldn’t do this without you tweets, emails, reviews, and listens. Here’s to another year!



New episode and thoughts for tough days

The newest episode is up and you can listen to it here.

We also wanted to offer some encouragement for our listeners. The recent state of the world has us feeling stressed out and bummed to put it mildly. We wanted to remind everyone that the fictional heroes we turn to often find themselves in situations that seem inescapable, desperate, and inevitable. These characters become heroes when they take intentional and deliberate action to change their environment and think of the well-being of others. We want to encourage everyone to find ways to act and make the changes they want to see. Protest, write, call, donate time and money, or find other ways to get involved.



New podcast episode and twitch stream

Episode 32 is up and we have a new stream on Twitch. Make sure to check out both and let us know what you think on Twitter!



New Episode and Twitch Channel

Hi Everyone! We’ve been pretty behind on updating the website but every episode is now on the Season 1 page including today’s new episode.

We also wanted to let you know about our new Twitch channel where you can find our first stream from yesterday. We hope to stream more games soon.



Zack on Party of One!

Zack played Grim World on the Party of One podcast! Check it out here.


PAX East

Diana and Zack went to PAX East in Boston and they’ll tell you all about it in this week’s episode.

Don’t cut in line!



Star Crossed!!

This week we play Star Crossed, a new game from Alex Roberts and Bully Pulpit Games. We had a lot of fun with it and definitely recommend it as a great two player tabletop rpg.

Star Crossed hit kickstarter yesterday and we highly recommend backing it!



Episode 22

Yikes! We haven’t posted on here in a while but we’re updated the Season 1 page with the most recent episodes including episode 22 which is up today!



Happy Valentine’s Day

Part II of our Breaking the Ice Special is up just in time for Valentine’s Day!



Valentine’s Day Specials

We’re taking a break from Ção in February to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We’ll be playing the dating rpg Breaking the Ice from the Romance Trilogy for the next few weeks. The first episode is up now!



Live Show and Episode 18

Our live show from Amalgam Comics and Episode 18 are up! Now where did I put my coffee?



Episode 17

Episode 17 is up and it’s our most action packed episode yet! Don’t forget to rate and review the show.



Celebrating the new year with a new episode

Happy New Year! Thanks for sticking with us the last several months and we’re very excited for what 2018 will hold. Episode 16 is up today to help you get 2018 off to a good start.



Holiday Special Episode

Happy Holidays! Part I of our bloodthirsty elf revenge Holiday Special is up. Part II will be available on Christmas Day, December 25th.

We also wanted to thank everyone who came out to our live show last night at Amalgam Comics. It was a lot of fun and we hope to have the audio from the show up soon.



Episode 15 and upcoming specials

Ção puts the minimum amount of effort into being inconspicuous in episode 15.

We wanted to remind you that our live show is this weekend! We hope to see you there.

With the holidays approaching we’ll be taking a brief break from Ção to do some special episodes, but we’ll be back to her story in 2018!



Episode 14 & other updates

Episode 14 is here and Ção is in for an exciting trip to the library (we promise it’s actually exciting).

Zack appeared on the Narrative Drive podcast to talk about games, being a stickler for the rules, and gaming communities.

And don’t forget about our live show on December 17. Come on out and say hi if you’re in the Philly area.



Live Show!

Heart Points is having its first ever live show! We’ll be at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse with the Everything is Awesome podcast on December 17. Check the event’s Facebook page for more info. See you there!



PAX Unplugged Retrospective

We’ve returned from PAX Unplugged with a lot of games and panels to discuss. This week, Diana asks Zack about his experience and favorite moments. We’ll be back to playing games next episode!



Episode 13 and Pax Unplugged

After a little delay, episode 13 is up! We also wanted to remind you that both Zacks will be at Pax Unplugged in Philadelphia this weekend if you want to meet up and play some games. This also means the next episode will most likely be delayed.



Episode 12 is here!

Ção is back in this week’s episode and she does some very Ção things. Don’t forget to rate and review us wherever you listen.



Halloween Special Part II

Part II of our Murderous Ghosts Halloween Special is here! Diana tries running a game for the first time and successfully manages to creep out Zack and his urban spelunker, Derrick.

Pax Unplugged is coming to Philadelphia in a few weeks and Zack and Zack B. will be there! If you want to meet up and play some games with us, get in touch here or on twitter or facebook.



Happy (Early) Halloween!
Things are about to get spooky for our first special episode! Diana and Zack play Murderous Ghosts and even the cat gets involved. Next week we’ll be back with another Halloween themed game that Diana might run.

If you’re not up for being spooked (graphic content ahead) or you just miss Ção, don’t worry cause she’ll be back in two weeks.



Episode 11 & Halloween Special in the Works!
Check out episode 11 which is up now. We’re also excited to let you know that we have a Halloween Special in the works! Zack and Diana are going to take a brief break from the current Dungeon World game to play one or two horror game sessions. Should be spooky.



Episode 9
Fall is officially here and so is episode 9! We’re also celebrating Zack being one year older and a healthy dog. We have some surprises in store this month so stay tuned.



Episode 8
Episode 8 is here and you can find it on the Season 1 page. Zack’s birthday wish is for you guys to chat with us on twitter and rate us on iTunes!



Episode 7
Episode 7 is up on the Season 1 page. We’d also like to share the very first Heart Points fan art. This one was done by Timothy O’Donnel. Thanks Tim! We love it.





Episode 6
After a brief delay we’re happy to say episode 6 is up! Check it out here.



Episode 4
Episode 4 is now live on the episodes page! Don’t forget to rate and review us wherever you listen to the show. Let us know on twitter where you post your review to get a shout out on the show.



Episode 3 & Release Schedule
Head over to the episodes page to listen to Episode 3 which is available now! We’re also excited to be on a regular schedule and we plan to release new episodes every Monday. Stay tuned for more updates!



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