The Heart Points Team


Zack Woodard

Co-Host and GM

The first Zack on this podcast, Zack W. is a writer and educator out of Philadelphia. He’s also a big nerd who spends most of his free time watching anime, playing games, and thinking about Mars. Zack first started roleplaying with the Serenity Role-Playing Game (unless you count when he was in sixth grade role-playing on the Neopets forums as Gene Starwind’s non-canonical best friend Vers Nomad, but please don’t). He’s the esteemed and honorable Game Master of Heart Points.



Diana Woodard

Co-Host and Player

Diana is an educator and school counselor in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Diana is an avid Whovian, proud Hufflepuff, and rambunctious hobbit. She’s a lover of trashy movies and romance novels, though she’s also read all of Lord of the Rings, a fact she likes to lord over Zack. She plays role-playing games with her husband and their friends, usually playing a cook or a medic. She is the trouble-making player in the Heart Points podcast.



Zack Biro


This Zack . . . not to be confused with the other Zack . . . is a public historian in Philadelphia and avid tabletop gamer. When he’s not working on the podcast he’s probably watching a Sixers game, convincing his wife the new board game he bought isn’t as difficult as it looks, or playing Torchbearer with Diana and the aforementioned Zack.


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