Season 1

Episode 1
In the inaugural episode, Zack and Diana talk about their background with playing rpgs, the various films involving the President’s daughter running away, and the first game they’ll be playing, Dungeon World.

Episode 2
In episode 2, Diana introduces her adventurer, Conceição. You can call her Ção (definitely don’t call her Concei). Zack also explains more about the setting and there’s a lengthy discussion about tridents.

Episode 3
In episode 3, Gnoll Raiders are attacking the caravan and Ção tries her hand at combat for the first time. Zack also works on his podcast intros/outros and Diana tries to say the word “rapier”.

Episode 4
The caravan finally arrives at Segurança and Ção gets some first hand experience with the big city. Zack also teaches us Fantasy Portuguese and Diana imparts some animal “facts”.

Episode 5
Ção is trying to navigate the big city of Segurança in episode 5. Along the way she’ll find some friends, make some enemies, and cut down on her love interest list. Also, Zack and Diana talk about mob movies and conduct a very exciting inventory audit.

Episode 6
In episode 6, Ção reaches the temple of O Coraçao where she tries her hand at becoming a social justice warrior. Also, we issue a correction on some previous animal fun facts, and Diana and Zack talk about different kinds of rocks.

Episode 7
In episode 7, Ção makes an unlikely friend and learns about racism and injustice in Segurança. Also, Zack talks about Nordic LARPing, Diana remembers that time she was trespassing in the Vatican, and they both decide they can’t hold back any longer . . . watch out ears, curse words ahoy!Episode 8
Episode 8 is here! Ção spends most of it trying to get free stuff and figuring out how trains work. We also find out that Ção and Diana are nothing alike, and Zack gives a Portuguese language lesson on bar food and farm animals.

Episode 9
In episode 9, Ção saves one of her love interest from certain death and learns she hasn’t quite figured out how the train works. Also Zack got a new coffee mug and Diana realizes her character is pretty middling.

Episode 10
We made it to 10 episodes! Listen as Ção stubbornly confronts local politicians and struggles with the logistics of hiding a sword in her pants. Also, Zack forgets some important things about the month of October and Diana threatens to share pictures of their animals.

Episode 11
Ção might be bored at this Guild Hall meeting but you won’t be! In episode 11, Ção watches her experiences in the city fuel a political debate and she finds out how secret her identity actually is. Also, Zack talks about the one time he actually played Dungeon World instead of being the GM and Diana desperately tries to get Ção to exercise more.

Episode 12
Time to get back to Segurança in episode 12! This week Ção shows of her sword skills, visits some familiar faces, and remembers how dirty she’s become in the last few days. Also, Zack and Diana discuss different ways to hold flour, and Diana and the cat face off in the dice tray.

Episode 13
Things get a little trippy in episode 13 as Ção’s brain tries to comprehend what happened the last few days while she sleeps. Also, Diana thinks of new ways to mess with Zack, and Zack imagines a lake of garlic.

Episode 14
A lot of weird things have been happening to Ção lately so in episode 14 she decides to travel to the magical world of the library to do some research. Also, we learn more about elves via Zack’s new favorite/Diana’s new least favorite character, and we learn Diana and Zack’s true feelings about ant babies.

In episode 15, Ção tries to lay low by spending the day shopping and catching up with old friends. She ends up doing a lot of shouting in the middle of crowded street. Also, Diana rewrites the Matrix films and tells a joke.

Episode 16

Happy New Year! Thanks for sticking with us in 2017 and we’re excited for a 2018 full of bad rolls and love interests.

In episode 16, Ção continues to hone her fighting skills and learns more about the trouble she’s in. Also, Diana and Zack debate about the average height of humans and Diana asks for audience input about Ção’s love interests.

Episode 17

Everything kicks off in episode 17. Ção stumbles on a public execution, starts a riot on her way to stop it, and meets some potential allies. Also, Diana has a snow day and wins the Heinsman Trophy.

Episode 18

In episode 18, Ção stars in a coffee commercial and learns more about Gnoll culture as she prepares to face the consequences of starting a riot in the city.

Also in this episode, Diana tries breaking one of Zack’s rules without him noticing and Zack gives some hyena anatomy facts.

Episode 19

Ção is in trouuuuuuubleeeeeeeee in episode 19. She has to face the Gnoll leaders as they prepare for the repercussions of Ção’s fight in the city.

Also in this episode, Diana thiefed from Zack and has a problem telling people to “have a nice day” in real life.

Episode 20

Ção is on a quest to replace the rapier she lost in the most recent fight when she learns a new friend is an apprentice blacksmith. She spends most of episode 20 listening to almost every resident of Corpse Town tell her it is in fact possible to make a bad sword.

Also in the episode, Diana insists she can ride a bicycle and “ace a skateboard”.

Episode 21

Ção continues to be quite unpredictable in episode 21. In her quest for answers she confront a rival and does lots of running away.

Also Diana isn’t too happy with one of Zack’s new rules and Zack stops trying to predict what Diana will do.

Episode 22

Ção is on the run in episode 22 and she needs a clever idea in order to evade capture. Will her plan to be the grossest person in the city work?

Also in this episode, Diana reviews the tv show Frasier and Zack wonders aloud how his game has turned into this.

Episode 23

Ção is out of her handcuffs but still needs to clean herself up in episode 23. On her journey for clean clothes she reunites with some friendly guild leaders who are looking to bring order and justice back to the city.

Diana and Zack also talk about their favorite scents and their cat tries to join the podcast.

Episode 24

With her band of allies supporting her, Ção heads back into the city to try and find a friend that could help take down the corrupt City Guard.

Episode 25

In episode 25 Ção and the Guild leaders try to convince Evaristo to help bring down the corrupt City Guard from the inside.

We also learn about Diana’s favorite kind of fruit and that Zack might start stealing story ideas from Diana.

Episode 26

Ção is stuck inside the walls of the Guild Hall and has to do what she does best…sneak around and be quiet while other people talk about her.

Also in the episode, Zack forgets to take notes and Diana struggles to pluralize “dungeon”.

Episode 27

After an eternity of being unarmed, Ção gets a hatchet in episode 27 as she prepares to face the dark alleys and sketchy figures in the Devil’s Market.

Also in this episode, Diana and Zack spend far too much time yelling about the definition of a hatchet.

Episode 28

Ção shows some uncharacteristic restraint in episode 28 after getting key information out of one of her love interests. Can she save her gnoll friends and make it to the Guild Council meeting on time?

Also in this episode, Diana lists Portuguese foods and Zack still wants to talk about hatchets.

Episode 29

Ção gets arrested again but not by who you might think. In episode 29 she learns who her true allies are and who is willing to sell her out.

Also Diana talks about shoes and pizza.

Episode 30

In episode 30, Ção is on a mission to rescue her friends from the City Guard. She finally gets to try out that hatchet and spends a lot of time figuring out how to get down a flight of stairs.

Zack also introduces follower moves from The Perilous Wilds, and Diana gives out life advice and uses a new word she learned.

Episode 31

Ção and her followers need to fight their way through the Chaser HQ to rescue her friends. In typical Ção fashion, she does a lot of yelling and takes a lot of damage.

Diana and Zack also question the existence of objective good and evil and argue about directions.

Episode 32

It’s taken 32 episodes but Ção finally smooches someone…kinda. Ção and her allies continue fighting their way through the dungeon to rescue her friends.

Also this week, Zack agrees to read the Hobbit and Diana watches the World Cup.

Episode 33

Ção is almost out of the Chaser hideout and the last obstacle might have more to offer than expected.

Also in this episode, Diana explains the existence of Scotch in Segurança using Dr. Who, and Zack and Diana issue a call to action.

Episode 34

Ção has to figure out how to get the newly acquired supplies into Corpsetown, but first she sets out on a mission to add an old love interest to her team.

Also in episode 34, Zack tries to curse in Portuguese and Diana tries to spell the word “spoon”.

Episode 35

In her typical punch first and ask questions later fashion, Ção defends herself against some people who don’t mean her any harm. She also gets more details on the whereabouts of a love interest.

Also in episode 35, Diana and Zack discuss if winking is ever not creepy.

Episode 36

In episode 36 Ção and her allies formulate plans to get the cache supplies to Corpsetown and Ção faces her biggest obstacle to sleep . . . coffee.

Also in this episode, Diana reconnects with real life friends and Zack feels dirty.

Episode 37

Ção is rearmed and ready to battle in episode 37. She finally found another rapier and now has to figure out what to do with all the grenades and gunpowder.

Also in this episode, Diana folk dances and Zack doesn’t get to role play.

Episode 38

Despite what Zack says this is not episode 37 or 36. It’s a very exciting episode 38 where Ção finds out what happens when you take gnolls outside the city walls.

Also in this episode, Diana angrily dabs and Zack plays by the rules.