2017 Halloween Special Part I – Murderous Ghosts

Happy early Halloween!! We’re here with our first special episode as Zack and Diana play Murderous Ghosts. The lights are off, the candles are lit, and somewhere off in the distance their cat rattles a door to scare Diana. We’ll be back with more Halloween next week and we might even see Diana run a game!

*Things get graphic in this episode so pay attention to the content warning in the beginning. If you’re not up for this one, join us next week or hang around for the return of Ção in two weeks.

2017 Halloween Special Part II – Murderous Ghosts

This is the second and final part of our 2017 Halloween Special. This episode has two games of Murderous Ghosts. Diana runs the first game and we (very briefly) get to meet Zack’s momma’s boy urban spelunker, Derrick. In the second game, Diana’s character Lucy tries to use her butt to get away from a ghost.

PAX Unplugged Retrospective

The Heart Points team was attending Pax Unplugged last week so we spent this week’s episode recapping some of our favorite moments, games, and panels. Zack and Diana also discuss want they think can be improved for next year.

Pax, if you’re listening . . . pleeeeaaaase stay in Philly next year!

2017 Holiday Special Part I

It’s snowing in Philadelphia which means it must be time for our Holiday Special! In part I, we meet Diana’s bloodthirsty elf warrior on a vengeance mission against evil Santa. Zack and Diana also discuss their feelings on candy, holidays, and rpg puzzles.

2017 Holiday Special Part II

Welcome to the finale of our holiday special! If you’re looking for some holiday cheer you probably aren’t going to find it here as Diana’s arctic elf faces down evil Santa.

We’ve had a lot of fun in 2017 and we want to thank all of you for joining us. Whether you’ve been with us since July or are just discovering us, we wanted to thank you for stopping by. See all of you in 2018!

Live at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse – 12/17/17

We’re time traveling all the way back to December, 2017 for our first ever live show. Zack takes Diana’s red panda thief through an old school D&D dungeon designed by a married couple. Special thanks to Everything is Awesome Podcast for letting us open for them and Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse for hosting the event and being one of the coolest places in Philly.

Make sure to check out Everything is Awesome at thatentertains.com/awesomepodcast and Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse at www.facebook.com/amalgamphilly.

2018 Valentine’s Day Special Part I

Happy early Valentine’s Day! Diana and Zack are celebrating by setting February aside to play Breaking the Ice, a game by Emily Care Boss.

In this episode, Diana and Zack introduce the setting and their characters as they prepare to explore the perils of workplace dating.

2018 Valentine’s Day Special Part II

Fergus and Penarden head to the beach for their first date. It’s your typical first date filled with stargazing, bad coffee, a surprise visit from an ex, and magic dinosaurs.

2018 Valentine’s Day Special Part III

After a not so great first date, Ferghus takes Penarddun to a paint-and-sip in the hopes that the second date goes better. Can they navigate skeptical best friends, hot painting instructors, and their competitive natures on the way to love?

2018 Valentine’s Day Special Part IV

In the fourth and final episode of our Breaking the Ice special, Ferghus and Penarddun hit the local festival for the ultimate test of their relationship. Diana and Zack also discuss what the future holds for their characters and reflect on their time playing Breaking the Ice.

Star Crossed – Haptic Feedback

We have a very special episode for you this week. We’re playing Star Crossed by Alex Roberts! Star Crossed is about romantic tension and a relationship that is almost certain to fail. You also play with a Jenga tower so it’s pretty great.

You voted on twitter and chose an asteroid miner and their ship’s A.I. for our couple. Will love find a way? Can we flirt and play Jenga at the same time? Do we know anything about mining?

Star Crossed hits Kickstarter tomorrow (April 10)! Please support this great game if you can. Head to bullypulpitgames.com to find out more.

2018 PAX East Retrospective

Diana and Zack talk about their trip to PAX East where they ate meatballs, got emotional with the Video Game Orchestra, and became princesses. Don’t cut in line!

The Temple Of Love – Anniversary Episode

We’re celebrating 1 year of Heart Points by revisiting Alex Roberts’ Star Crossed. We play as two warriors on opposite sides of a war trapped in a temple. Can love find a way in war?

It’s been a year but some things never change. Diana is worried she’s an android and Zack is still bad at Jenga. Thanks for sticking with us the last 12 months!

The Temple Of Love II

We’re back with part II of our Temple of Love game of Star Crossed. Our two warriors didn’t have a great first meeting but maybe some sparks will fly during their second encounter.

Diana and Zack also talk about yoga and their new Jenga tower.